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Frequently Asked Questions 

What is Questioz? 

  • Questioz is a student run journal. Questioz is an international online journal of high school research that is dedicated to promoting research and the spirit of intellectual enquiry spanning all academic disciplines - Humanities, Natural Sciences, Math, Engineering and Social Sciences - among high school students globally.

How much does it cost to publish in Questioz?

  • Questioz is an online journal which focuses on publishing the original work free of cost.

Does Questioz provide templates for preparing a journal article?

  • Yes, There are templates given in the ‘For author’ section. Follow the template and edit your paper accordingly.

What happens if my paper gets rejected?

  •  We will send you an email with the reason for rejecting the manuscript. If you think that the changes that we have suggested can be amended, then you can amend the work and submit again. 

What happens after my article is accepted?

  • After your paper has been accepted, an email will be shared with the suggested changes made  by the editorial board. These changes need to be made and an updated manuscript should be submitted within the given time period.

I haven’t received a reply after submitting my paper, what is the procedure further?

  • If you have not received any email then it must be due to a valid reason. We try to write an email to all our authors whether the paper is published or not published. 

Can I submit research work that was published elsewhere?

  • No, Questioz does not accept work that has been published somewhere else. Only original articles are accepted here.

How do I find guidelines and instructions for authors?

  • You can find all the guidelines and instructions for authors in the Submission page. 

How much time does the entire publication process take?

  • The entire publication process takes 3 months after submitting your manuscript.

What is the acceptable plagiarism percentage? 

  • Questioz only accept original manuscripts. No plagiarised work will be accepted for publication

What are the type of articles that Questioz publish? 

  • Questioz accept research articles and research essays (Template provided in the guidelines section).

What subjects do you publish? 

  • Questioz publishes articles belonging to multiple disciplines like Social Sciences, Arts and STEM papers.

What type of file format do you accept? 

Is there a word/page limit to publish in Questioz? 

  • The entire paper should not be more than 5,000 words excluding the references.

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