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Benefits of STEM and Humanities in Curriculum

Benefits of STEM and Humanities in Curriculum

Author : Matthew Barry Li

Syosset High School, Syosset, New York, USA


In the world today, we are seeing a large increase in STEM curriculum while the Humanities are left behind. The Humanities and STEM are intertwined and both have a very large and important role in developing skills students need in their careers.In today’s world, STEM curriculums are increasing while the Humanities are left behind. Both of these curriculums have large and important roles in developing skills that students need in their careers. The Humanities help to develop soft skills and STEM helps to develop hard skills. Both of which are crucial in today’s careers and work environment. The development of these skills is crucial in order for these students to perform well for themselves and their communities. The goal of this paper was to analyze literature concerning benefits and types of skills that are developed in each type of curriculum and analyze whether or not this lack of development for the Humanities is justified. The Humanities are no doubt crucial in the world today, but are they as important as STEM? This study shows that the Humanities are just as crucial as STEM in developing essential skills required in the career of students. And while STEM is getting all of this attention and development, the Humanities should be getting the same attention. This study helps advocate for the pushing of the Humanities and the necessary intertwinement of both curricula to help students develop all crucial and beneficial skills for their careers.

Benefits of STEM and Humanities in Curriculum
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