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Revolutionizing Space Exploration: The Potential of Drones in Human Habitation

Vansh Gupta | The British School, New Delhi |


The topic of the study is the potential future use of drones in space exploration and human habilitation. There hasn’t been much research on this specific topic as this is a recent development to use drones in space. There have been practical uses such as the Marscopter yet no specific research on the topic. This subject has a high potential of being used in real life to help humans in becoming a type-2 or type-3 civilisation as it is a revolutionary technology with more ef iciency than current technology and lower operating and building costs. There are many advantages to the technology that could assist majorly towards research done by scientists about different planets.For my research and analytical method, I reviewed research papers in this field. The major findings from the study are that drones are very useful in space exploration and much more affordable compared to existing solutions like rovers. The study provides an overview on the dif erent segments of drones, multiple aspects of space that af ect drone flight and their uses.

Revolutionizing Space Exploration : The Potential of Drones in Human Habitation and Planet
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