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Understanding Creative Expression and Mental Health: A Review Article

Srishti Mangla |

Delhi Public School, R K Puram |


The mental health of young adults today is a subject of growing concern. It is characterized by elevated rates of anxiety, depression, and stress and potentially influenced by various societal and technological factors. This study is a review which focuses on the relationship between various creative expressions and mental health of young adults. The exploration of songwriting, poetry, and journaling as therapeutic tools offered a profound understanding of how creative expression can serve as a catalyst for emotional release, self-awareness, and coping strategies. The analysis revealed that while literature-based interventions hold immense potential, their efficacy is deeply intertwined with factors such as individual experiences, psychological nuances, and developmental stages. By acknowledging the multifaceted nature of literature-based interventions, this paper paves the way for a more informed and adaptable approach to mental health care for young adults.

Understanding Creative Expression and Mental Health A Review Article
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