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 Questioz team is composed of a unique set of high school students who are interested in research. All members of Questioz editorial team have published their research paper or are in the process of writing one. 

Meet The Team

Saumya Malhotra


Saumya founded Questioz in 2016 and is currently a senior majoring in Economics at Yale University.

Shiv Kampani

Editorial Advisor

Shiv Kampani is researcher and entrepreneur currently studying at the Dhirubhai Ambani International School, Mumbai.

Arjun Kohli

Editorial Advisor

Arjun Kohli is currently studying the IB program at The International School Bangalore.

Eesha Garimella

Editor in Chief

Eesha is currently studying at The International School, Bangalore. Eesha enjoys reviewing and understanding research from all over the world through Questioz.

Ishita Gupta 

Editor of Social Sciences

Ishita Gupta is currently studying at United World College. She is interested in economics and Sustainability


Managing Editor

Ishaani is currently studying at Poddar International School. She is interested in literature and history.

Ananya Arora

Editor of Social Sciences

Ananya is currently studying at Spring Dales, Delhi. She is a bibliophile and  love reading books. 

Anoushka Kapur

Editor of Natural Sciences

Anoushka is currently studying at Dhirubhai Ambani International School. She is interested in Biomedical Science and pursuing independent research.

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