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Publishing with Questioz

Questioz, the international online journal of high-school research that spans all academic disciplines.

The Questioz Benifit

Global Visibility:

Showcase your original work on an international platform, gaining exposure and recognition among a diverse audience of high-school scholars worldwide.

Intellectual Impact:

Make a lasting impact with your research by contributing to the collective body of knowledge and inspiring others in their academic pursuits.

Community Engagement:

Join a vibrant community of like-minded high-school students, providing opportunities for valuable peer interaction, feedback, and academic discussions.

Professional Recognition:

Become a vital member of the global academic community, establishing credibility and recognition for your contributions to high-quality research.

Submission Details

To assess the suitability of your work for publication on Questioz, we kindly request additional information about you and your research. Please complete the following details on the form attentively before submitting your paper. Our team will promptly review your submission and respond at your earliest convenience. Please note that modifications to your responses cannot be made after submitting this form. We request you submit your paper as a Google Document. Please ensure you provide edit access to for a comprehensive review.

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