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A Comparative Study of Qatar, USA and India’s Copyright Laws Under the Lens of Music Industry

A Comparative Study of Qatar, USA, and India’s Copyright Laws Under the Lens of the Music Industry

Author: Himani Miglani, Doha College

Abstract: This paper discusses the legal frameworks of three different countries, Qatar, the USA, and India, and any major changes that have been made in previous years due to the rise of digital music. All three countries are at different stages in the development of their laws and it is important to compare them from a global perspective. Due to the speed at which the music industry is changing, the risk of piracy is higher than ever. Comparing these different frameworks makes it apparent what has worked in keeping piracy to a minimum, and what can be developed further. Previous research has shown that a blockchain streaming model may protect artists and record labels’ revenues, but because existing streaming platforms are so popular, it may be hard to replace them.

Himani Miglani - Lit Review
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