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Ancient Techniques Used In Rajasthani Architecture Which Can Now Be Implemented In Modern housing

Mannat Singh Takkar | Neerja Modi School |


The ancient techniques of architecture have been lost along the way of progressing into the modern world, however, these techniques were well thought of and planned because of the absence of appliances like air conditioners. Medieval house using techniques for the passive cooling of the entire space during extreme temperature conditions and one of the dominant area with such methods is Rajasthan, India. The ancient forts use bioclimatic architecture. As time advanced use of machineries such as fans and air conditioners have increased giving rise to the energy consumption in houses. Previous research has explored the area of vernacular architecture in ancient times and some recently built structures have used these methods but the awareness of the mix of both new and old techniques still lacks as only few structures have implemented it. The present research study explores the areas of the ventilation systems created through spatial organisation of courtyards and the techniques used for insulation while also analysing the case studies of recent building with the same aspects.These techniques have then been incorporated with modern house plans and this research provides models and ways a structure can be built in order to make it more adaptive to the specific region.

Ancient Techniques Used In Rajasthani Architecture Which Can Now Be Implemented In Modern
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