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Baumrind's Parenting styles and their influence on career development

Baumrind's Parenting styles and their influence on career development : Parenting styles impact on a person's intended choice of career path.

Author : Aruthra Ramesh

Olentangy High School, Lewis Center, Ohio, United States


Career dissatisfaction has become prevalent in today’s world. A main cause of career dissatisfaction is non-independent career choice, which can be influenced by parental interactions. Previous research has established a significant relationship between parenting styles and academic as well as social-emotional development, but a gap lies in its relationship with career development, specifically career choice. This study investigates to what extent Baumrind's Three Parenting Styles Impact a Person’s Intended Choice of Career Path. A survey was administered to 68 high school students in 12th grade that inquired about their parent’s parenting style and it asked the participant if their parent(s) influenced their decision in choosing a career path. If so, the survey asked the participants what career path. This research consisted of two parts as there were two response variables. For each part, a chi-square test of independence was performed at a significance level of .05. At this significance level, only one part of the research was found to have a statistically significant relationship- the relationship between career path and the career path participants chose. However, the data did not follow one of the conditions for the chi-square test of independence (approximate chi-square distribution). Future studies will be able to satisfy this condition by using a larger sample size. Future studies with a larger and diverse population can help researchers understand how parenting styles should be considered when looking at an individual’s career development. In particular, this can help psychologists provide more effective solutions to their clients regarding career satisfaction.

Baumrind's Parenting styles and their influence on career development _ Parenting styles i
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