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Breaking Barriers: Unveiling the Extraordinary Impact of Asian Women Entrepreneurs in Environmental Conservation Through Cause Marketing Initiative

Aashna Dingwani | Krishna Vikash Global School


This research paper provides a comprehensive assessment of the pivotal role Asian women entrepreneurs play in leveraging cause marketing as an effective strategy to address critical environmental concerns. Through the utilization of qualitative research methods, followed by thematic analysis, this study offers a profound exploration of the antecedents, consequences, challenges, and strategic approaches adopted by these entrepreneurs in their pursuit of environmental sustainability. Additionally, thematic analysis will help to identify key themes and patterns that emerge from the research to address the research question. By illuminating the unique contributions of Asian women entrepreneurs, this study adds to the corpus of knowledge by extending the literature on women in business and entrepreneurship.  The study's findings will help Asian women entrepreneurs, fostering collaboration and driving impactful solutions for environmental sustainability, while highlighting their essential role in shaping a sustainable and equitable future.

Breaking Barriers Unveiling the Extraordinary Impact of Asian Women Entrepreneurs in Envir
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