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Cybersecurity measures and gaps in social media

Ryan Grover | Heritage International Xperiential School |


In modern times, Social media has transformed the way individuals communicate and socialize with each other. However, with the constant advances in technology cyber criminals have crafted several ways to gain access to someone's account or steal their data, individuals and organizations need to be aware of how to stay safe from cyber threats. With more people not being aware of this, it also increases the number of cyber crimes. This research paper aims to fill in the knowledge gap by providing information regarding different forms of attacks and how to stay safe from them. Additionally, it also provides cybersecurity measures that individuals and organizations can take to remain secure. Also, it provides recommendations towards additional methods that could be implemented by social media platforms to abate the amount of cybercrime. This research is extremely important as the number of cyber crimes is growing these days and with law enforcement unable to handle all of them it is important that each individual and organization should take measures to stay safe.

Cybersecurity measures and gaps in social media
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