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Emotional and Behavioral Engagement in Offline vs Online Teaching Modes

Author : Kushagra Aitha

Delhi Public School Ghaziabad Vasundhara


Learning can be conducted in two ways, online or offline. For a very long time offline learning has been going on and it was considered as the most engaging platform for the students. At present, online learning is replacing offline learning. Such as the point that it provides the learner with more resources, and they can attend classes from anywhere. Yet online classes lack major features, such as direct interaction between the teacher and the student.It is observed that online learning is increasing rapidly and replacing offline education. But still there are many areas where offline education is far more suitable. This research mentions the points where offline learning is better than online learning.This study aims to demonstrate that offline learning is superior to online learning and encourage schools and universities to switch to offline learning. A survey was conducted to understand if the students were more comfortable in the online or offline environment.The survey had collected 22 responses where most of the respondents are residents in urban areas of Delhi NCR who studied in CBSE board, and they all speak English. Respondents were given four options to choose from: not at all true, somewhat true, true, very true. The gender ratio was 13:9. From the survey results it was clear that offline classes are more engaging for the students than online classes.There is a direct interaction between the teacher and the student in an offline classroom. A strict schedule will be followed in an offline classroom, which is more beneficial to the student.

Emotional and Behavioral Engagement in Offline vs Online Teaching Modes
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