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Exploring the Difference in Self Body Image Concerns

Exploring the Difference in Self Body Image Concerns Among Gym Adolescent, Gym Goers and Non-Gym Goers

Author: Arnav Chaddha

The Shri Ram School Moulsari, Gurgaon, Haryana, India


Body image has become a prevalent issue in recent years, a problem which affects people across all genders, ages, and nationalities. A “standard” for a perfect body image for both men and women has been created in our community, which leads to significant dissatisfaction with one’s body when compared to the perfect standard. A negative body image can lead to unhealthy behaviors such as excessive dieting, exercise, and an obsession with one's body image. In some cases, it could also lead to depression and other severe mental disorders.With recent research highlighting the prevalence and severity of ongoing body image issues amongst adolescent male gym and non-gym goers, This research paper aimed to study the difference in self- body image concerns in adolescent gym and non-gym goers(N=34). The survey used in this paper was a 6-question MBICS (male body image concern scale) created by Weisman, Hannah in June of 2014.Previous research indicated that there would be a greater concern amongst the gym goers, it was predicted that the same would occur in this study. All participants of the sample were Indian males from the Delhi-NCR region, between the ages of 15-20 years old. A significant difference was noticed in the means of body image concerns in gym goers and non-gym goers.This research can subsequently be used as a basis for greater understanding amongst the general population of the Delhi NCR region, furthermore, It can also be used as a basis for a study regarding the same in different regions.

Exploring the Difference in Self Body Image Concerns Among Gym Adolescent Gym Goers and No
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