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Exploring the gender pay gap from the NFHS-2022 perspective

Exploring the gender pay gap from the NFHS-2022 perspective

Author : Yashvee Gupta

G.D. Goenka Public School


This research paper centers around the persisting inequality in the average wages between men and women. Global Gender Gap Report had previously outlined that it would roughly take around 99.5 years to close the gender pay gap but post-covid , the dynamics have changed and it has been anticipated that it will take an average of 135 years for women and men to reach parity. This study sought to analyze the factors perpetuating the pay gap and discuss the socio-economic barriers that keep women miles away from the workforce. It also takes into account the variation in the pay gap in different industries. The study reveals staggering statistics about the under-representation of women in STEM fields which is one of the most lucrative professions. Gender stereotyping amalgamated with cultural beliefs drive women away from pursuing a career in STEM. Moreover, important findings related to disparity in earnings of women and men in Indian households were also revealed through the research. This suggests that women need to be proactive while negotiating salaries and calls for a need for inclusion of all genders ensuring gender diversity.

Exploring the gender pay gap from the NFHS-2022 perspective
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