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Impact of COVID 19 on Health Supply Chain Management

Shrija Jaiswal | New Standard Public School |


The worldwide sanitarium epidemic of COVID-19 urged a quick and compelled reorganization of mortal coffers and conditioning. The global healthcare assiduity was also faced with a more significant difficulty. The COVID-19 epidemic drove numerous nations to put lockdowns and other drastic measures to stop the complaint's spread. More than 1.8 million individuals are killed and more than 82 million infected due to COVID 19 as of December 31, 2020. Due to it, GDP has also been significantly impacted. The paper aims to find how COVID-19 has affected the supply chain, specifically the health supply chain, and what steps were taken to mitigate it. The Indian logistics sector has had its peculiar problems for so long, which were further amplified due to COVID-19. This situation highlights these ‘peculiar’ problems; logistics is an unorganized sector. As a result, the sector was hit hard as most companies in the industry had no contingency plans, intermittent operations plans or recovery plans. A traditional approach of loading, trucking and unloading, and material handling majorly drives logistics in India. Technological development is still lacking in this sector. Hence, the lack of modernized tools and equipment to disinfect goods and supplies before delivery adds more problems. Therefore, the 21-day lockdown will, see logistics players’ supply chain costs going up, and their global supply chain will be severely impacted since challenges will be faced for sourcing inputs.

Impact of COVID 19 on Health Supply Chain Management
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