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Is it Feasible to Implant Beliefs into a Human Brain with the "Mental Seal" Technique?

Ziwei Zhou | Beijing No.2 Middle School, Beijing, China |


This article examines the feasibility of implanting beliefs into the human brain using the "Mental Seal" technique, inspired by the concept in the sci-fi novel "The Three-body Problem" which won Hugo Award for Best Novel in 2015. Belief can be processed in the human brain as a special type of memory. By exploring the scientific understanding of memory storage, memory extraction, knowledge direct-input, and the persistence of human brain memory, this article concludes that "Mental Seal" depicted in the science fiction novel could be realized in the near future although further research is needed to address the complexity of belief implantation. This article provides valuable insights into the feasibility and implications of implanting beliefs into the human brain from the perspective of brain science but does not involve other perspectives such as psychology, morality, ethics, etc.

Is it Feasible to Implant Beliefs into a Human’s Brain with the _Mental Seal_ Technique_
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