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Literary Analysis Of Mental Health Awareness Among Different Age Groups

Literary Analysis Of Mental Health Awareness Among Different Age Groups

Author : Anoushka Shandalaya

The Heritage Xperiential Learning School, Gurgaon, Haryana, India


Mental health is a sensitive subject. People generally have extreme views and stereotypes regarding its presence. To burst the stereotypes, it’s important to spread awareness about the correct image of mental health and the kind of implications it can have. The present study was conducted in order to decipher the age bracket that’s most well aware of the emerging mental health issues and relate to the sensitivities that it carries. The research was done through literary thematic analysis wherein about 23 subjects ranging from different age groups read two poems which described a mental state of a human. 6 responses were from the age group of 13-18, 6 responses were from the age group of 19-30, 9 responses were from the age group of 31-50 and 2 responses were from the age bracket of 50 and above. 75% of the responses received were from individuals who identify themselves as females. The respondents were then supposed to answer a few open-ended questions about their understanding and connection with the poems. Based on the kind answers given by the respondents, it was found that the age bracket of 13-18 was the most responsive, aware and connected to the mental health issues portrayed in the two literary pieces. Most of the 13-18 age group inferred the correct essence behind the poems. They also substantiated their answers with personal experiences and anecdotes, which gave their answers a lot more reliability. Now that the 13-18 age group has been identified for promoting mental health awareness, it may be used to fine-tune the mental health advocacy and psychology sectors. According to new research (Mental Health Commission of Canada & Chodos, 2017), as a country and as a province, we can do a better job of making necessary psychotherapy accessible to everyone who needs it. As a result, increasing public awareness of the problem and enhancing the mental health and psychology industries can undeniably lower this number and help persons suffering from the disease all over the world.

Literary Analysis Of Mental Health Awareness Among Different Age Groups
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