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Solid Waste Management in Different Parts of Nepal: A Comparative Study

Pratham Tulsyan | Gyanda Academy, Birgunj, Madesh Pradesh, Nepal |


Municipal solid waste is a demanding environmental challenge faced by many Nepal municipalities. The primary source of income for Nepal is tourism, and the only means to attract tourists is the beauty and cleanliness of the place they visit. The increasing amounts of waste produced by an expanding urban population and its effects on the environment and public health in Nepal are beyond the capacity of the country's current practices and procedures. Nepal is weak economically, so waste management is not carried out efficiently in different parts of Nepal. The motive of the literature was to analyze solid waste management in other parts of Nepal with the best practices of that area. Through this paper, we can gather different ideas and methods that can be used to improve solid waste management.

Solid Waste Management in Different Parts of Nepal_ A Comparative Study
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