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Sustainable Fashion vs. Fast Fashion: Exploring the Different Cognitive Biases

Sustainable Fashion vs. Fast Fashion: Exploring the Different Cognitive Biases Influencing Buyer's Decision

Author : Subhita Jain

Delhi Public School, Rohini


Over time, consumers have developed an understanding of the toxic substances and unsustainable manufacturing techniques used to create synthetic clothing. This has led to their growing interest in sustainable clothing. In today’s time understanding consumer behavior can play a crucial role in helping enterprises create effective marketing strategies that help satisfy consumers’ needs. The current research study investigates the various cognitive biases that consumers fall prey to while purchasing synthetic (fast fashion) clothing and sustainable clothing. A quantitative survey was conducted having a sample size of 89 respondents including 40 males and 49 females within the age groups of 13-25 and 26-45 years old. The survey consisted of pictorial questions in which respondents were supposed to choose one of the two articles provided. After the data collection analysis, it was concluded that cognitive biases played a vital role in the buying decision and positively influenced consumers to purchase sustainable clothing over synthetic clothing. These biases can be used as essential tools for marketing plans for various sustainable fashion brands. This research paper can help people become aware of consumer behavior and make them realize the importance of behavioral economics.

Sustainable Fashion vs
. Fast Fashion_ Exploring the Different Cognitive Biases Influencing

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