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The Impact of Carbon Dioxide on the Surface Temperature Change Contributing to Climate Change

Ritesh Rai | Ryan International School, Maharashtra, India |


Climate change is caused due to many factors. The emission Greenhouse gases is one of the reasons. Automobiles, factories, burning plastic, and even household emissions contribute to greenhouse gases into the atmosphere every day. Greenhouse gases play an important role in our life by acting as an insulating blanket around the Earth, trapping the heat of the sun in the earth’s atmosphere. However, due to increasing greenhouse gases more and more heat is getting trapped resulting in higher temperatures and therefore climate change. The causes of climate change are very diverse and low-income countries are most vulnerable to it. There are many ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Use of renewable energy such as solar energy, wind energy etc instead of fossil fuels is one way of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Planting more trees also helps in reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. This work aims to show that the climate is changing over time by using the carbon dioxide and temperature levels of India. We use the readily available data from Kaggle. We analyse the annual average temperature and carbon dioxide levels. We also analyse the respective monthly temperature and carbon dioxide levels over the years. This work presents the findings of the above analysis.

The Impact of Carbon Dioxide on the Surface Temperature change contributing to climate cha
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