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How Can Government Constrain Environmental Degradation Through Economic Policies?

Deteriorating Environmental Problem: How Can Government Constrain Environmental Degradation Through Economic Policies?

Author :Wanting You

Shenzhen College of International Education, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China


China has replaced the USA and become the main emitter of carbon since 2006, global environmental issues, especially the climate change is deteriorating. Therefore, it is urgent for countries to design policies to deal with climate change and constrain increasing carbon emission. However, countries got stuck into a dilemma: developing economies will prompt production thus causing pollution and hindering the improvement of the environment. The present article aims to analyze four possible economic policies—taxation, tradable permits, subsidies and government regulation— that countries can carry out to reduce, halt, and reverse environmental degradation by providing rationales and data to prove their effectiveness. sufficient evidence concludes that subsidizing alternative resources can truly help countries to develop their economies without hurting the environment.

Deteriorating Environmental Problem_ How Can Government Constrain Environmental Degradatio
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