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Motor Vehicle Accidents in India: Ensuring Safer Roads Through Policy-Based Measures

Samaira Dawer | Modern School |

An estimated 1.5 lakh people perish on Indian roads each year, which translates, on average, into 1130 accidents and 422 fatalities per day or 47 accidents and 18 fatalities per hour. The present research papers delves into the multi-dimensional challenge of road safety in India, where 400 lives are lost daily, making it the nation with the highest reported official road crash deaths globally. Acknowledging the gravity of the situation, India, in collaboration with the United Nations, expressed its concern about this alarming fatality rate. The year 2004 was declared the "Year of Road Safety" by the World Health Organisation, emphasizing the profound impact of road crashes. This paper scrutinizes the existing scenario and advocates an urgent shift towards a public health approach, recognizing that road accidents not only entail a financial burden but also inflict deep emotional scars. By examining causative factors, current policies, and proposing innovative recommendations, this paper seeks to lay the foundation for a more secure road infrastructure in India.

Motor Vehicle Accidents in India_ Ensuring Safer Roads Through Policy-Based Measures
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