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The Analysis of Pet Blind Box Market

The Analysis of Pet Blind Box Market

Author : Jialu Sun

High school Attached to Northeast Normal University, Changchun, Jilin, China


This research essay aims to analyze the pet blind boxes market. In recent years, the blind box market has been booming. Blind boxes are products that have identical exterior packaging in the same series, but the items inside are random, so buyers are not likely to know which item they are buying until they open the box. People are obsessed with finding unknown things in the same packaging, and the probability of finding limited editions is more incentivized. Some businesses have seized the opportunity to sell pets through the popular blind box format. However, the product has become controversial due to frequent negative coverage in the news. This paper will then discuss whether pet blind boxes should exist mainly from the perspective of consumer psychology, marketing strategy, and pet protection.

The Analysis of Pet Blind Box Market
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