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Chinese Economic History: An Analysis of The Rise and Fall of The Chinese Economy

Xuan Ni Hu | A.B. Paterson College, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia |


The Chinese economy has captured global attention in recent years due to its vast size and potential. This paper aims to provide a historical analysis of the Chinese economy since the 18th century to draw connections between past trends and current patterns. The research gap lies in the absence of a comprehensive analysis that connects historical trends with contemporary patterns in the Chinese economy. Learning from history is crucial in understanding both past successes and failures, and how they may inform present and future outcomes. This paper utilizes extensive prior research on the Chinese economy and incorporates data from various institutions to provide a comprehensive evaluation. Three factors are analyzed: demography, socio-political system, and the influence of global society. This paper hopes to provide an understanding of the complex dynamics that have shaped the Chinese economy and its role in the global market.

Chinese Economic History_ An Analysis of The Rise and Fall of The Chinese Economy After Th
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