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Cyber Security Challenges in Sports Industry

Khushi Srivastava | Blue Bells Model School, Gurugram, Haryana, India |


The internet has seamlessly integrated into our daily lives, catalyzed by the latest technological advancements, such as cloud computing, mobile computing, e-commerce, and online banking. These innovations have revolutionized industries and elevated the demand for robust cybersecurity measures. Cybersecurity has assumed an increasingly pivotal role within sports organizations, spanning from grassroots clubs safeguarding personal information to national bodies orchestrating and participating in major international sporting spectacles. The present study explores cybercrimes within the sports sector, a domain that has received relatively scant attention in existing literature. This research sheds light on how cybersecurity can be fortified within the sports industry. Sports data could be made more secure by ensuring that devices are secured, updated with the latest anti-virus software, ensuring that confidential information is not shared. The concept of a sovereign cloud could be leveraged in sports space so that the data becomes more secure and each country's guidelines are followed for data security. Currently, sovereign cloud is mainly used by government agencies to keep the data secure.

Cyber Security Challenges in Sports Industry
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