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Dynamics of Falling Raindrops

Yashvir Tibrewal | NPS International School, Singapore |


Studying water droplets is a rich lesson in fields of fluid dynamics, nonlinear systems, and differential equations. Understanding various physical aspects of raindrops can help us in understanding drop dynamics, rainfall density estimation, size distributions which can be grant insights in the fields of meteorology, hydrology, and climate science. This work identifies the real world significance in developing more accurate atmospheric attenuation correction algorithms that could potentially overcome the scattering effect of rain on radio and micro wave communication. This works presents and aims to compile some historical work which focuses on the influence of surface tension in the droplet nucleation and formation, raindrop oscillation, burst cycles, and transformation into parachute-like shapes before fragmentation. The interplay between surface tension and air resistance in raindrop dynamics is also explored.

Dynamics of Falling Raindrops
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