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Gambling: Its design and how artificial intelligence can be used to catch or help curb gambling prob

Author : Rajit Sahu

American School of Doha


Participation in internet gambling has risen as some games require skill and others are entirely based on chance. Although fantasy sports and other skill-based games have the ability to reward talented players, gambling can lead to addiction. Dream11, a popular fantasy sports website in India, ran into legal trouble due to its resemblance to gambling operations. However, after a legal battle, it was found that Dream11 was a skill game rather than gambling, paving the path for the legal operation of fantasy sports platforms in India. However, the increasing accessibility of many sorts of gambling may make it difficult for people to control their gambling urges, perhaps resulting in financial disaster. The article investigates the use of AI to treat addiction problems, specifically gambling addiction. Cognitive motivation therapy can help patients overcome the cognitive distortions caused by compulsive gambling. AI may also be used to build chatbots and virtual assistants, customize treatment regimens, and give virtual reality therapy to create a safe environment for addressing addiction issues and seeking help. Overall, AI has the potential to transform addiction and aid treatment. However, in order to prevent addiction and financial ruin, strict laws for all sorts of gaming must be implemented.

Gambling : Its design and how artificial intelligence can be used to catch or help curb ga
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