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Generation of Electricity Through Piezoelectric-Tiles

Anand Seth | Step by Step School, New Delhi, India |


Fossil fuels are hydrocarbon-containing materials such as oil, natural gas formed naturally from the environment with the help of remains of dead plants and animals over millions of years. We burn fossil fuels to get energy which we use to provide electricity to homes, run cars and factories etc. However they are non-renewable in nature. for new generation of new fossil fuels we will have to wait for millions of years which isn't realistic, so therefore we need an alternative for these.The world lacks inexpensive, abundant and non-polluting alternatives to fossil fuels. Unless we find a suitable alternative, the world will continue to be polluted and there will not be a habitable environment in the near future. Piezoelectric materials can produce electrical energy when received mechanical pressure, the most common is the quartz crystal. The process involves the development of electric charge upon receiving pressure due to the movement of electrons. In this study, a piezoelectric tile using capacitors, diodes, connecting wires and piezoelectric cells. It successfully generates and stores electricity whenever mechanical pressure is applied to it. We tested the tile with the help of two persons with weights of a 70 kg male and a 50 kg female, respectively, and recorded the voltage generated under each case. This tile can be implemented in areas of high footfall like malls, railway stations, even roadways where we can generate large amounts of energy from the tiles which we can store and utilize to conduct our daily activities.

Generation of Electricity Through Piezoelectric-Tiles
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